11 Jan 2016

They said you can’t write poetry while
listening to music.
Well no one said
that – Okay, I said that, actually.
But maybe I was writing a poem
that needed some inspiration.
A bit of zest from someone else’s
poetry and music, illuminating sound.
Words walk across my brain and
with the words that walk down the song.
I really have to write poetry, write now
edit later,
and feel ambivalent about
entering the entire enterprise.

Maybe I’ll pluck words directly from this
The Promise Ring song that I’m listening to
at the moment.
The prominent, superstar line of this song is
‘Happiness is all the rage’. So if you’ve
ever heard of it,
you now know the song I’m talking about.
Except that my body and my mind are
distinctly not
on the so-called “same page”. And in fact
this might be the first time I’ve listened to
The Promise Ring song.

I don’t know if you can hide easter eggs in poems,
I’m sure you can.
If I was more deft at the art, I would hide a
hyperlink in this poem. And it would
you to the songs I was listening to when I wrote it.

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