The Building Building

08 Sep 2014

I passed the Building Building every day, but it wasn’t until the Fall that I really understood what they did there. It seems extraordinary at first. Your brain doesn’t really want to accept it. A building building building. That is, a building that builds other buildings. It reminded me of that sentence with the buffalo (look it up).

Actually, I couldn’t have been expected to understand what was going on in the Building Building because I never took the time to investigate it. Sure, I had heard the loud grinding sounds during the day. Seen the plumes of smoke and steam rising from the roof. I’d even seen people milling in and out, the workers who facilitated the buildings of the Building Building. But I had never really noticed any of it. It had all passed by my vacant mind, leaving no trace at all.

But now that I know what goes on there, now it makes sense. You need to build a building. Are you going to do it out in the open? Are you just going to lackadaisically start building things in the middle of nowhere? No, certainly not. The process of building requires a building itself.

Of course, all of this makes you wonder: If the Building Building builds buildings, are they building a building to build Building Buildings?

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