08 Sep 2014

I thought about just jumping in and adding fiction to this new blog. After all, the URL is Surely people would understand what it is about just from that, right? But then I thought that for the inaugural post I should put something down about my goals for this blog and what you can expect to find here. Mostly because I don’t have any fresh fiction to add at the moment.

First off, this blog is written using the Ghost blogging platform. Ghost gives me something extremely simple and lightweight, that doesn’t use PHP (it uses Node.js instead). Since Ghost is also extremely new and shiny, it has some appeal as a new toy, but also I feel like I can grow with the platform. Perhaps I can design a theme that’s appropriate for short fiction pieces (unlikely) or contribute some code to the server or admin (slightly more likely).

When I first wanted to start boldly writing a “micro story” (I’m not sure if anyone uses that term), I thought about launching a new blog for it. But then I realized that no one reads the blog I already have, and the effort of setting up a new one would get in the way of my immediate creative impulse. So, I just posted the story to my current blog with no expectation. Since I have no readers, this didn’t really bother anyone. But I dreamed of a better way.

Well there is a confluence of tools (Ghost) and inspiration now. This is happening. Prepare thee the world for my creation!

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