Gearing up

23 Nov 2015

What is the fastest,
the fastest humanly possible way
that poetry could be written?
It would probably be the job of a machine, really.
To excel in the speed poetry department, you would
probably want to enlist the help of a friendly robot
or at least a properly configured handy computing device.
But then could you say that the poetry was humanly written,
humanly formed? Would it still express humanity?
Some would say that the ultimate meaning of a poem is
in the head of the person reading it, it is there that it
encompasses whatever humanity it is to have. So in that sense,
Mr Robo-Poet would be a handy invention indeed.
He would smile at you from beyond his computer-y face and
robotic and metallic inside parts. Well, you couldn’t tell
that he was smiling but you know he would be.
How could he not?
He’s brought you ream after ream of
fresh hot poetry,
ready for consumption and contemplation and
deconstruction and criticism.
And copy and paste.
And copy and paste.

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